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Updated: Apr 16

Front book image cover of a young woman in hospital bed strapped up as she leans forward with folded arms and hands in spasm position
Front cover of The Foxhunter book

There is a lot of talk today about end-of-life decisions, help, care and ease. And rightly so. All of us need to know that we will not be left for weeks or months suffering agony to no avail. And so living wills and people travelling abroad for terminal care are becoming more commonplace. The term "Medically Assisted Death" or MAD, has even been coined. My new novel, The Foxhunter, because it deals with a person's right to die, covers all the complex issues surrounding this question. Moral, legal, medical, ethical and philosophical issues are teased out in a way that is immediately understandable and that you will sympathise with rather than judge.

Medical negligence legal ethics moral new book preorder

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