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The Reverend Psychopath

In his gripping book, "The Reverend Psychopath," Dr Andrew Rynne uncovers the shocking true story of the Caragh Orphanage, founded by Reverend Samuel Cotton and his wife Eliza in 1866.


This orphanage, established under the guise of providing care for destitute Catholic children, became a place of unimaginable suffering and neglect.

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From the book

  • Through meticulous research and investigation, Dr Rynne exposes the Cottons' heinous deception. The couple collected substantial charitable donations from well-meaning individuals who believed their money would go towards the care and well-being of the orphans. However, the reality was far from this promise.

  • While the orphans under their care were left to suffer in squalor, starving and dressed in rags, the Cottons indulged in a life of luxury. The donated funds, which should have been used to provide food, clothing, and proper living conditions for the children, were instead squandered on the Cottons' lavish lifestyle.

  • Dr Rynne's book paints a vivid and heartbreaking picture of the orphans' plight. Left to fend for themselves in freezing, filthy conditions, many of these vulnerable children succumbed to illness and malnutrition. The Cottons' cruelty knew no bounds, as they subjected the orphans to physical and emotional abuse, exploiting their helplessness for personal gain.

  • As the shocking truth about the Caragh Orphanage came to light, the newly founded Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children stepped in. Through their efforts, the law finally caught up with the Cottons. Reverend Samuel Cotton faced imprisonment twice for his crimes, though his callous disregard for the children's welfare remained unchanged.

  • "The Reverend Psychopath" is a testament to Dr Andrew Rynne's unwavering commitment to exposing injustice and giving voice to the voiceless. By bringing this long-forgotten tragedy to light, he honours the memory of the innocent children who suffered and died under the Cottons' care.

Uncover a dark chapter of Irish history with 'The Reverend Psychopath'—a tale of justice and resilience.


This book is a must-read for anyone interested in Irish history, social justice, or the fight against cruelty and neglect. Dr. Rynne's compelling narrative, backed by extensive research, sheds light on a dark chapter in Ireland's past and serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance in protecting society's most vulnerable members.


"The Reverend Psychopath" is a powerful and eye-opening account of the atrocities committed within the walls of the Caragh Orphanage. Through Dr Andrew Rynne's tireless efforts, the truth about this long-buried scandal is finally brought to light, ensuring that the victims' stories will never be forgotten.

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