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About Dr Andrew Rynne

Early Career and Education

Dr Andrew Rynne began his medical career in Ireland, where he studied and trained to become a surgeon. After completing his education, he worked tirelessly to provide quality healthcare services to his patients, gaining a reputation for his skill and dedication.

Founding Clane General Hospital

In 1985, Dr Rynne founded Clane General Hospital in County Kildare, driven by his desire to improve access to healthcare in the local community. Under his leadership, the hospital grew and flourished, becoming a vital resource for the people of Kildare and the surrounding areas.

Medical Practitioner and Coroner

Throughout his career, Dr Rynne served as a surgeon, medical practitioner, and coroner. These roles gave him a unique perspective on the healthcare system and the challenges patients and their families face.

Transition to Writing

After retiring from active medical practice, Dr. Rynne focused on writing. He felt compelled to share the untold stories and injustices he had witnessed throughout his career, hoping to raise awareness and effect change.

A Commitment to Truth and Justice

A deep commitment to truth and justice drives Dr Andrew Rynne's writing. By exposing the dark chapters of Ireland's history and the medical profession, he aims to hold those in power accountable and give voice to the voiceless. His books serve as a reminder of the importance of compassion, integrity, and the ongoing fight for a more just society.

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Books by Dr Andrew Rynne

Dr Rynne has recently released two compelling books that delve into the darker aspects of Irish history and the medical profession.

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