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From the book

  • The story begins in 1973 in a Dublin hospital, where a young woman's life is forever changed due to a catastrophic medical blunder. The shocking incompetence of the medical staff leaves her in a chronic vegetative state with no prospect of recovery. Instead of allowing her to pass away peacefully, the doctors make the cruel decision to keep her alive by artificially feeding her through a tube.

  • For nearly two decades, the young woman remains trapped in a nightmarish limbo, suspended between life and death. Her mother, a beacon of strength and determination, refuses to accept this fate for her daughter. She embarks on a tireless fight to allow her daughter to die with dignity, facing opposition at every turn from the very doctors responsible for the catastrophe.

  • As the young woman's story unfolds, Dr Rynne masterfully weaves in the metaphor of a fox hunter, a symbol of the relentless pursuit of justice and the unwavering determination to see a difficult task through to the end. The mother's battle becomes a hunt for her daughter's right to a peaceful death, a quest that will test her resolve and expose the dark underbelly of Ireland's medical system.

  • Through the lens of this tragic case, Dr Rynne exposes the authoritarian attitude that permeated the Irish medical profession in the 1970s. He sheds light on a system where doctors wielded near-absolute power, making decisions without consulting patients or their families. This lack of transparency and accountability had devastating consequences, as the young woman's story demonstrated.

  • Determined to see her daughter's suffering end, the mother takes her fight to the High Court. What follows is a landmark legal battle that will forever change Ireland's patient rights landscape. Dr Rynne's meticulous research and in-depth case analysis provide a fascinating insight into the complex legal and ethical issues surrounding the right to die.

A Call for Change

"The Foxhunter: To Die with Dignity" is more than just a poignant true story; it is a call for change. Dr Rynne's powerful narrative reminds us of the importance of patient autonomy, informed consent, and the need for a more compassionate and transparent medical system. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in medical ethics, patient rights, or the history of Irish medicine.


Through his gripping prose and unwavering commitment to truth, Dr Andrew Rynne has created a masterful work of non-fiction that will leave a lasting impact on readers. "The Foxhunter: To Die with Dignity" is a testament to the power of a mother's love and the indomitable human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

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The Foxhunter

Discover the heartbreaking true story of a mother's tireless fight for her daughter's right to die with dignity in Dr Andrew Rynne's powerful book, The Foxhunter: To Die with Dignity. Expose the devastating consequences of medical incompetence and authoritarian attitudes in 1970s Ireland.

In his powerful and emotionally charged book, The Foxhunter: To Die with Dignity, Dr Andrew Rynne recounts the heartbreaking true story of a young woman's struggle for the right to die with dignity.


This gripping narrative sheds light on the devastating consequences of medical incompetence and the authoritarian attitude prevalent among some doctors in Ireland up until the 1970s.

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