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Books by Dr Andrew Rynne

The Foxhunter - Available Now

In this book, Dr Rynne recounts the tragic true story of a young woman who, due to medical incompetence, was left in a chronic vegetative state for nearly two decades. The book follows the victim's mother's tireless fight to allow her daughter to die with dignity, facing opposition from the very doctors responsible for the catastrophe.


Dr Rynne sheds light on the authoritarian attitude prevalent among some doctors in Ireland up until the 1970s and the devastating consequences it had on patients and their families.

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The Reverend Psychopath

"The Reverend Psychopath" tells the shocking story of Reverend Samuel Cotton and his wife Eliza, who founded the Caragh Orphanage in 1866. Despite collecting substantial charitable donations, the Cottons lived a life of luxury while the orphans under their care suffered in squalor and starvation.


Dr Rynne brings this previously untold story to light, exposing the cruelty and neglect within the orphanage's walls.

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