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9 - European vote

Very soon now our government (yes, I know) will be voting on the European Pact on Migration and Asylum, and whether or not to opt into it. It cannot be emphasised enough the profound and far-reaching effects that the outcome of this vote will have on our country and on each and everyone of us as individuals. The effects of the outcome will be permanent. Should the government vote to opt in there will be no going back, no second chance. Signing up to this pact will require our accepting some 35,000 asylum seekers per year or paying penalties that we simply could afford. Ask yourself what effect will this have on our Irish culture, our sovereignty, our freedoms, such as they are, and on all aspects of being Irish as we once knew it. This is a second plantation while we are still reeling from the first of 550 years ago under Queen Mary. My question really is: should a vital decision like this be left to the government alone knowing their bias in favour for all things European, of should this not be put to the people my way of referendum? Or is it too late?

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