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2 - Pandemic Dublin Airport

Updated: Apr 16

Aerial view from the plane of the Dublin coast.
Aerial view of Ireland

HSE issues urgent warning to passengers on Dublin Airport flight after measles case confirmed. This is the heading in this evening's Daily Mirror. Not only is it utter bullshit but, more worrying, it could be the prelude to another "Pandemic" and an excuse to allow for the reintroduction of dictatorship and medical appetite. Anybody over the age of 50 reading will remember measles as a harmless childhood viral illness that everyone contracted, quickly recovered from and enjoyed lifelong immunity thereafter. The use of the term "urgent warning" is designed only to instil fear. It has no other function. And fear was the lifeblood of the last "pandemic" So, here we go again. Our Government is a wounded animal at the moment. Some wounded animals are dangerous.

pandemic dublin airport


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