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10 - Interview in "A Titan's Tale" Podcast

6 June 2024 -

From Scalpel to Pen: The Extraordinary Journey of Dr. Andrew Rynne

A Titan's Tale with Chris Gilman (4.9/5 star reviews)

Podcast Episode - 45 min 48 sec

Episode Description

In this episode of "A Titan's Tale," host Chris G chats with Dr. Andrew Rynne, a retired Irish surgeon turned author, about his incredible life journey. Dr. Rynne opens up about his time as a coroner in Canada, his transition into writing, and founding a private hospital in Dublin. He shares gripping stories, including surviving an assassination attempt and navigating the challenges of running a successful company. Tune in for an inspiring conversation on resilience, transformation, and the importance of relying on the right people for success.

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